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Want to get published? Here's how I can help.

When working with me, you can expect not only an editor, but a fan to enthuse about your novel with, a friend to bounce ideas off, and a mentor to help improve your writing, not just for this novel, but for future ones to come.

If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you make your novel shine!

(All prices are listed in USD.)


All of my services can be customised to fit your budget. Contact me to find out more!
Services: Services


$0.02 ⁠--⁠ $0.03 per word.

The beginning of a long-term partnership and your journey to getting published. My Developmental Edit will take you from first draft to (almost) final.


This is a two-part service.

  1. Upon submitting your manuscript to me, I will read and assess all aspects of it. You will receive back a comprehensive Editor's Report, covering: Plot & Structure, Characters, Point of View, Setting, Voice & Tone, Timing & Pacing, Grammar and Word Choice.

  2. You and I will agree on a date by which you will submit your updated manuscript back to me. At this point, I will perform a thorough Line Edit to refine and strengthen your writing. This will also include tracked comments on scenes to develop or areas to revise.


This package also includes Manuscript Aftercare; no matter the stage, run ideas by me, or ask questions to clarify your understanding!


$0.01 per word.

If you just need guidance on where your novel is and where to take it next, a Manuscript Critique will provide the roadmap you need in a comprehensive Editor's Report


The report will cover all aspects of your novel, including: Plot & Structure, Characters, Point of View, Setting, Voice & Tone, Timing & Pacing, Grammar and Word Choice. (Please note that tracked comments are not included as a part of this service.)


No matter what stage you’re at—finished, half-way, or even plotting—I can help you feel confident you’re going in the right direction and provide a roadmap to send you to the next level.

Upgrade to the Deep Critique ($0.015 per word) to receive all of the above, plus your manuscript with tracked commentary on the good and the workable on a more precise level.


$0.01 -- $0.015 per word.

If you are happy with your story and would like a Line Edit that focuses on the finer aspects of language and structure, this service aims to refine your text through correcting, restructuring, and rewording. I will help you enhance your readability while maintaining your unique voice.

As a part of this service, I will also mark areas of your manuscript in need of more thorough revision or elaboration, as well as highlighting what I love and what works well.

Upgrade to a Line Critique ($0.013) to receive all of the above, plus your manuscript with tracked commentary on story- and plot-level feedback.

Developmental Edit
Manuscript Critique
Line Edit
Copy Edit


$0.008 – $0.015 per word.

Congratulations on reaching the final stages of editing! This service will fix any grammatical, consistency, word choice, and spelling mistakes, ensuring your manuscript is top-notch before submitting to agents or typesetting.

Please note that a Copy Edit is not the equivalent of proofreading. A Copy Edit will aim to make your manuscript as clean as possible, but authors should always prepare to hire a proofreader for an extra level of coverage.

Reach Out

Take the first step by contacting me via the form on my contact page, or on Facebook or Instagram. There, you can let me know a little about your project, your word count, timeline, and the service(s) you’re interested in. 

I always endeavour to respond within two working days (M-F)!

Establish Goals

We'll chat about your project by email or messenger.


During our talk, I'll find out a little more about your goals, vision and budget, and I'll offer you a free 1,200-word sample edit to help us both decide if we're a good match.

Book Your Edit

If you decide to work with me, we’ll choose a start date for your project which will be secured upon acceptance of the terms of service and payment of the deposit. I will also outline a payment schedule for the sum of the costs in the contract.

Once that’s all done, we’ll get started!

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