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Editorial Services

Unlock your path to publication.​


When you choose to work with me, you gain not just an editor but also a passionate fan to celebrate your novel, a trusted friend to brainstorm ideas, and a seasoned mentor to elevate your writing, benefiting not only your current project but also future ones to come. ​If you're ready to collaborate, reach out today. I can't wait to assist you in making your novel truly shine!

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Full moon.

$0.02 – $0.03 per word.

Embark on a transformative writing journey with a Developmental Edit. Comprehensive feedback, line edits, and ongoing support for your manuscript's success!

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$0.01 – $0.015 per word.

Refine your words. I'll focus on language, structure, and readability while preserving your unique voice. Expect thorough revision suggestions and highlighted strengths.

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$0.013 – $0.018 per word.

Get the benefits of a Line Edit, plus insightful story and plot feedback via tracked commentary on your manuscript.

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$0.01 per word.

Unlock your novel's potential with a Manuscript Critique. Get a comprehensive Editor's Report covering all aspects of your story. Move forward with confidence!

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$0.015 per word.

Elevate your novel with a Deep Critique. Get expert guidance through tracked commentary, as well as a comprehensive Editor's Report to chart your path forward.

Full moon.

$0.008 – $0.015 per word.

Perfect your manuscript for agent submissions or typesetting with our expert editing. I fix grammar, consistency, word choice, and spelling.

Recommended for debut author!

Great for comprehensive advice on a budget.

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0. Self-Editing

Every writer has the potential to create something incredible. Before seeking an editor, I encourage writers to self-edit their manuscripts as much as possible. Printing out your manuscript, read it backwards, and get feedback from beta readers. By doing so, the editing process becomes much smoother and effective, and we can focus on what truly benefits you as a writer.

Cycle through the editing process.

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