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  • When can I post my review?
    You can leave your review on Goodreads, blogs, retailers, and your social media as soon as you're ready to share it. Amazon, however, won't allow you to post your review until the book is live. Therefore, I will send out an email to all ARC Readers on 6 February 2020 to remind you to post your review there too.
  • Does my review have to be 5 stars?
    No, not at all! Please review honestly, and if you have any critique to make, you're welcome to voice it. Critical comments help to give legitimacy to your review and those of others.
  • What if I see a typo?
    You're welcome to email me about it at, but also please be aware that you will be reading an uncorrected proof. This means my proofreader hasn't seen the copy you're reading, so there may be a few typos here and there.
  • Can I share my copy?
    No, please don't share your eARC. Your copy is for your eyes only as it is an uncorrected proof.
  • Can I include spoilers in my review?
    You can, but out of common courtesy for potential readers, mark your review at the top with "This review contains spoilers."
  • Can I review Seeking Shadows on my blog/social media?
    Of course! In fact, if you do so, let me know (email or tag me (@lizzy.squiggle on both Instagram and Facebook) so I can share your post!
  • Where can I leave a review?
    You can leave your review at any website where Seeking Shadows is listed, on your blog, or on your social media. Where possible, please prioritise reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Find Seeking Shadows on Goodreads here. On Amazon here. And on Barnes & Noble here.
  • Should I mention in my review that I recieved an ARC copy?
    You can, but it's not compulsory to say so on any platform. When reviewing on Amazon, I recommend you do notmention that you recieved a gifted copy, as Amazon likes to remove reviews from ARC readers. If you choose to disclose you recieved an ARC copy, you can preface or end your review with a line such as: "I recieved an ARC copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review."
  • Are you okay with graphic content?
    I have no problem reading and editing graphic content, whether that be blood and gore or the more sensual erotica. Please be aware, however, I will not accept works that glorify hateful or bigoted behaviour.
  • How can I pay?
    I'll work with you to figure out your invoicing preferences. You'll be given a choice to be invoiced once at the beginning of each pass, or twice (once at the start, and once prior to delivery). You will not be charged extra for either option. ​ You will receive your invoice via email. Within that email will be a link to a payment portal where you can pay by debit/credit card. Paypal is also available upon request.
  • How do I / should I credit you?
    By no means do you need to credit me as your editor or cover designer. However, I'm flattered if you would like to! The choice is yours. ​ If you would like to credit me as your editor, the ordinary place would be in with your acknowledgments or dedications. There, you can refer to me as Liz or Elizabeth. Please do not use my logo or refer to EC Editorial. ​ If you would like to credit me as your cover designer, the ordinary place would be a note on your copyright page, such as "Cover by EC Editorial" or "Cover by Elizabeth Cartwright." You do not need to link to my website.
  • Can I get a sample edit?
    Certainly! Just fill out the form on my Contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. A sample edit will be on a random 1200 words of your manuscript. Unless I have worked with you before, I will always request a sample of your work to ensure we are a good match, and to inform me of your writing style before I calculate your quote.
  • Do you edit non-fiction, memoirs, or biographies?
    Currently, I do not edit non-fiction, including literary non-fiction. If you have written historical fiction, please know that, while I offer critiques, fact-checking is not within my services.
  • What if I don't agree with you?
    The likelihood is that we won’t agree on everything. That is completely normal, as creativity is a subjective thing. If you are doubtful about any of my edits or suggestions, please ask and I will provide you with a run-down on why I think that particular suggestion will strengthen your work. At the end of the day, the work is yours and yours alone. You are free to accept, reject, or alter any suggestions or edits I make.
  • How do you make edits?
    I make changes and comments using the track changes function on Microsoft Word. Any edits I make will always be suggestions that you can accept, reject, or alter. ​ When carrying out Copy Edits, I adhere to guidelines set by the Chicago Manual of Style for works in US and Canadian English, and New Hart's Rules for works in UK and Australian English. Please let me know if you'd prefer I use a particular style guide for your project. ​ If you order a Developmental Edit or a Manuscript Critique, your Editor's Report will be provided to you as a PDF.
  • What is your stance on AI?
    As a book editor, I view AI in publishing as a tool with possibilities, limitations, and dilemmas. While I've found that AI-generated writing still lacks the depth of human storytelling and its editing capabilities are poor, I understand its inevitable role in the industry's evolution. AI will only continue to improve from this point onward, and I'm committed to staying informed about its capabilities, recognising its potential to support authors struggling through this evolving world, while also remaining aware of the ethics of machine learning. While I prioritise a human touch in editing, I respect authors who use AI for inspiration. My stance is one of pragmatic engagement, embracing technology while upholding the essence of authentic storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

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