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Author & Novel Editor

In 2019, I had an epiphany; I love editing.

I've been writing stories long and short since my formative years, but it was my first encounter with media and communications as a teenager that taught me the true depth a story can contain, how the smallest details can have significance. I pursued that interest in storytelling and world-building through to university, where I obtained a first-class honours degree in media, communications, and cultures.

During and after university, I worked in various marketing and development positions, writing, editing, and producing content. In my free time, I worked as a professional beta reader, honing my skills and quenching my thirst for reading at the same time.

I founded EC Editorial in November 2019, and later expanded to develop EC Editorial Cover Designs in February 2021.


I work with published and debut authors of YA, NA, and Adult fiction as an editor and coach. My services range from developmental editing, all the way to copy editing and cover design.
About: About
What can you expect when working with me?


If I point out an issue in your project, I will always endeavour to provide a solution. If I can’t find one alone, I’ll work with you until we find one together! You can be sure that every piece of advice I give, edit I make, or change I suggest is well thought out and will strengthen your work. 


We spend a lot of time working on our projects. They become huge parts of our lives, and often we have to deal with a lot of doubt from others, and even from ourselves. Though I will be critiquing your work, I will do it with kindness in mind. You will never feel put-down or demotivated. 


I will meet deadlines and update you immediately of any delaysI always endeavour to respond within a reasonable amount of time (usually within two working days!) to your messages, whether you are a current client or a prospective one.


Everyone works differently and enters the author/editor relationship with a different base of skills. I will adjust my editing technique and the guidance I provide, bearing in mind your skills as an author, as well as your personality as a human

Hover over the boxes to learn a few things about me...

"Where are you from?" Is my least favourite question to answer. Though originally from the UK, I grew up across three countries in two continents. No matter where I am at any given time, I always feel homesick.

I wrote my university dissertation on the influence of society and culture on horror. analysed 100 examples of horror from both the western and eastern hemispheres, and detailed how stories differed across three areas: reason, reaction, and resolution.

I'm a former photographer. I used to take photos professionally, but stopped when I started university. That passion for digital art eventually turned into graphic design, which is how I got started designing book covers!


This portfolio includes selected published works by authors I have worked with since September 2019 and doesn’t reflect short-stories published to magazines or anthologies, or projects in pre-publishing or querying stages.

Fragile Creatures
On the Other Side of Alive
Mirror Man
A Red Winter in the West
The Orc Ranger
City of Secrets
The Fearsome Fugitive
The Dwarf's Curse
The Golden Telescope
Theft of the God-King
The Lost Load
The Celestial's Chosen
Brutal Dawn
Death City by Stephanie Mylchreest
Night Raids
Bleak State
Under Land


Read what others have to say about EC Editorial

Elizabeth has been amazing! She took my book and helped me create an even better version of it. She went above and beyond helping me with my project! She gave me honest constructive criticism and I love it. I love that she was so communicative throughout the project as well. I would definitely recommend working with her.

J. A. Wright

Author of Cowboys & Angels (Romance: Suspense)

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