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Meet Your Editor!

Elizabeth A. Cartwright (Liz)

Editor, Graphic Designer, Author


BA (Hons) Media, Communications, Cultures

Genre Specialities:

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance.

Style Guides:

Chicago Manual of Style, and New Hart's Rules.

Editorial Freelancers Association Member

Get to
know me!

In the realm of storytelling, every word holds the magic of meaning.

I've been writing stories long and short since my formative years, but it was my first encounter with media and communications as a teenager that taught me the true depth a story can contain, how the smallest details can have significance. I pursued that interest in storytelling and world-building through to university, where I obtained a first-class honours degree.

With a background in media and culture, and a passion for storytelling nurtured throughout my academic journey, I ventured into marketing and content creation roles. During this time, I also refined my editing skills while working as a professional beta reader.


In November 2019, I established EC Editorial, and in February 2021, I expanded to introduce EC Editorial Cover Designs.

A graduation photograph of Elizabeth Cartwright, Managing Editor.
An old photo of Elizabeth Cartwright, Managing Editor (as a preteen, sitting with a golden retriever).
An old photo of Elizabeth Cartwright, Managing Editor (as a child, covered in mud).

"Where are you from?" is my least favourite question. Born in Yorkshire, I grew up across South East Asia from the age of six. Home is difficult to define for me, so to keep it simple, I just look for where my dog is!

I am endlessly fascinated by the horror genre. In fact, for my university dissertation, I wrote an analysis of how society and culture affect horror across the world in three areas: reaction, reason, and resolution.

When I was no older than five, I wrote my first story: Peter and the Hedgehog. It was inspired by an episode of Come Outside I'd been watching earlier that day. And I've not stopped writing since.

What To Expect When Working With Me


I'm dedicated to not only identifying issues within your project but also collaborating with you to find effective solutions, ensuring that every piece of advice, edit, or suggestion I provide is thoughtfully crafted to enhance and strengthen your work.

Full moon.

I invest significant time and care into every project, recognising the profound impact they have on authors' lives. Amidst the doubts that may arise, rest assured that my critiques are offered with kindness, fostering a supportive and motivating environment for your creative journey.

I am dedicated to offering exceptional care to your writing needs. I work tirelessly to meet deadlines, delivering polished, refined manuscripts that shine, and prioritise clear communication, ensuring thoughtful responses to all queries.


Every author-editor partnership is unique. Therefore, I tailor my editing approach and guidance to match your individual writing skills and personal style, ensuring a customised and effective collaboration for every manuscript.

James Wood

Author of the The Ebon Knight Chronicles

Liz has been an amazing partner to work with, particularly as a first time author! Her edits are on point, relevant to my work, and thorough. Liz has edited all three of my books, as well as my short stories, and I look forward to working with her for many more years!

What authors say!

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