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Elizabeth Cartwright, Managing Editor at EC Editorial.


Hi, I'm Liz!

Editorial Freelancers Association Member

From the imaginative scribbles of a 5-year-old to the polished prose of a full-fledged writer and editor, my journey has been fueled by an unwavering passion for stories. I invite you to step into a realm where your words and ideas flourish and embark on a transformative literary journey together.   


When working with me, you can expect, not only an editor but a fan to enthuse about your novel with, a friend to bounce ideas off, and a mentor to help improve your writing, not just for this novel but for future ones to come.

Mathew Peters

Epic Fantasy Author

Liz's Manuscript Critique helped me on many levels. Her character summaries showed me how well I was crafting my characters. She reframed their personalities and journeys, helping me see them in a fresh way as well as letting me know where I was succeeding and where I needed to put in some work. She provided me guidance on plot and structure, illuminating blind spots, and highlighting unnoticed opportunities. She echoed some of my own ideas for editing, which reassured me that my instincts were true and could be trusted. She did all this without intruding on my voice as an author. I’m a better, more confident author thanks to the work she put into my shabby draft. I don’t know if she is immune to cringe-worthy prose, but if she isn’t she powered through it to help guide my project to a place where I can be proud of what I’ve written.

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A comprehensive report for your novel at any stage

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From first draft to final; comprehensive editing.

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Refine your story for enhanced readability and structure.

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