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E.A. Cartwright is a science fiction and fantasy author. Though born in England, Cartwright was raised in South East Asia, resulting in a childhood of sporadic friendships, cultural diversity, and a lot of time spent reading.  Her debut novel, Seeking Shadows, released in February 2021.

A peek at what I'm currently working on...

The Chronicles of the Balance

C!*Y @! $H&%@!S

The next stage of Branwen's journey is in the works. Haven't read Book 1 yet? Find it here!

Image by Sheldon

Fairytale Series

S%@!$* !*D

Amidst the trees, she encounters a mysterious villager. Their connection grows, but so does the darkness following them.

Image by Chris Ensminger

Standalone Apocalyptic Romance

F$!& A%@%@D !S

As they battle the apocalypse, old conflicts transform into something surprising.

Image by Daniel Lincoln

Fantasy Academy Series

A!%*&C %W$*&@%$G

Step into the hidden world of the Institute, where secrets unravel, identities shift, and danger lurks in the shadows.

Image by Jonatan Pie
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