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E. A. Cartwright

Science Fantasy Author


E. A. Cartwright—also known as Elizabeth, Lizzy, or Liz—is a novel editor and science fantasy author. Though born in the United Kingdom, Lizzy was raised in South East Asia, resulting in a childhood of sporadic friendships, cultural diversity, and a lot of time spent reading. Her debut novel, Seeking Shadows, released in February 2021. Find her on Facebook and Instagram @lizzy.squiggle.

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“What is awful doesn’t always make it unnecessary.”


Death can be a curse, but also a blessing. For aeons, the reapers have been the keepers of the Balance, maintaining the universal order of life and death in the human realm. And as a High Reaper, it will one day fall on Branwen to guide the flock… should she be crowned, that is. For she is not the only one eligible to take the throne, and with a tarnished reputation, Branwen has long since accepted she will remain a pawn of her lifelong rival, Taren. For why would the Balance crown her, the reaper disfigured with a power to embarrass all of her kind?


But Branwen is forced to confront her insecurities when Taren does the unthinkable. Jealous and impatient, he allies himself with a pompous businessman hungry for invincibility, transforming the world of Kana into a deathtrap as humans unite under a common goal:
no more reapers, no more death.


While starving reapers grow weaker and humans feel the consequences of a life with no end, it falls on Branwen to navigate a world of technology to bring Taren to justice and restore the natural order. But an unlikely friend leads her to a discovery that there is more to the humans’ unified behaviour than meets the eye, and saving the worlds may no longer be so straightforward.


The problem is locked inside an old clocktower, and the solution could tear the worlds apart.

Ancient magic and modern technology collide in this fast-paced epic. Seeking Shadows is an intriguing science fantasy, and the first book in the Chronicles of the Balance series.

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[A global soul is] a person who [has] grown up in many cultures at once—and so lived in the cracks between them …” – Pico Iyer.

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